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What excites me the most about working on creative positions is the process of making. I have mostly worked as a photographer and my work consists of stories with a strong attraction to fashion. On my earlier published work I used to be the person in every position, including photography, styling and make-up. Since then I have come a long way collaborating with amazing people and what I've learnt is that team work does it better.  During this creative journey I  joined the team of DRECK Magazine (2012-present). 

Fashion Editor at DRECK Magazine  (2014-present)

Apart from photography my passion since age of 0 ZERO is drawing. This passion developed into deep love for design, clothing and costumes. My first work as a costume designer was at the exhibition "Peces del Puerto" by artist Marigo Carmen for which I designed the costume of god Janus. I've also designed three garments for the needs of a photoshoot for DRECK Magazine's first issue: "INDECENT". My artistic expression also includes digital collage; my way of seeking harmony.

aesthetics. harmony. salvation.


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